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Pass Plus

What is a Pass Plus?

After passing your driving test you may still not feel fully prepared for every hazard or challenge which may come your way when you're on the roads. Pass Plus is a minimum of 6 hours driving course which is designed to help newly qualified motorists to improve on their driving skills and their safety.

This course can be taken any time after you have passed your practical driving test but it is usually mostly beneficial if taken in your first year of passing your test. This is because most accidents do occur within the first year of a new driver receiving their licence.

There is no formal test for you to pass, however, you will only receive your certificate once you have reached the required standard when your assessed after each module.

What do I learn on a Pass Plus course?

This course is split into 6 modules and they all cover various aspects of daily driving skills.

1. Town Driving

This module will help you brush up your observational skills and it will increase your awareness levels. You will learn how to drive in complex junctions, bus and cycle lanes and underpasses and tram.

2. Rural roads driving

In this module you will learn how to drive in the countryside roads. This would include how to be careful driving on blind and sharp bends/corners, awareness of animals on the road and how to drive safely around them and how to overtake slow vehicles. It will also teach you how to safe pass horse riders, cyclists, debris and farm vehicles.

3. All-weather driving

This module will allow you to learn how to cope with extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog, ice, snow and the extremely bright sunshine light.

4. Driving at night

This module can help you boost your skills on driving in the dark. It would deal with adjusting to different light levels, use of headlamps, judging speeds and distance and getting used to being dazzled by other vehicles lights.

5. Dual carriageway driving

Before your test you should have driven on dual carriageways anyways, but you may not feel as though you are fully skilled with driving on them. This module focuses on how to join and how to exit carriageways via slip roads, as well as lane discipline, overtaking and safe distances.

6. Motorway driving

In this module you will learn how to deal with motorway fatigue, how to drive at a safe speed, handle a breakdown and how to use lanes and to follow signs correctly.

A Pass Plus course can be pretty exhausting to carry out in one day or even over the weekend. There is a lot of information for you to take in and may cause you to lose your concentration, therefore, you can spread out your sessions. That way you can build up your skills gradually instead of trying to take in and remember everything you've learnt in a day or two. It is recommended that you split your sessions and take them as three two-hour lessons.

All modules are practical sessions.

Our Pass Plus course costs £150

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