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Intensive Driving Courses

Need to pass your test fast?

If you want to pass your test fast and don't want to spend a long time in learning how to drive, an intensive driving course may just be the course for you. It could help you pass your test in just under two weeks. These courses are tailored to your driving experience allowing you to develop to your necessary driving skills. Training is available on manual or on a automatic car

Our guide tells you everything you may need to know about the intensive driving courses that we offer. All our intensive courses include test fees and our dedicated team finds you the earliest dates possible for your test.

How our driving courses works?

Step 1 - We book the earliest theory test available in your area (have you already passed your theory test? Move to Step 2).

Step 2 - We book the earliest driving test available in your area.

Step 3 - We assign you a driving instructor who will contact you to arrange an assessment
lesson and to decide what course suits you best along with arranging your test date.

Step 4 - You begin your course and take your test on the test day.

➢ What is an intensive driving course?

An intensive driving course is also referred to as a 'crash course'. An intensive driving course is a course which allows you to learn everything you need to pass your practical test but it takes a much shorter time than normal to pass. You must have a provisional driving license to take the course. We find a test date for you and the test fee is included in the course taken (no test included in the 'Assessment lesson' and the 'A KICK Start' course).

➢ How long is an intensive driving course and how much do they cost?

Our Intensive driving courses are offered in hours from a minimum of 5 hours up to 40 hours.

• 2 hours (Assessment Lesson): £40 - This is a 2 hour driving assessment lesson to assess which driving course is best for you which will be based on your driving abilities.

5 hours (Retest Special): £250 including test fees - A 1 day crash course which is designed for people who have recently failed their practical test and need to go over any minor issues.

10 hours (The Refresher): £325 including test fees - This course is designed for those who have failed their test and need help to get to the required standard of passing their practical test.

12 hours (A KICK Start): £300 NO TEST INCLUDED - This 12 hour course is carried out over a period of two-three days and is designed for those who have never driven before and want to get their lessons advanced quickly.

15 hours (The Brush Up): £435 including test fees - A course for those who have lost confidence and want to regain it after a failed test.

20 hours (The Wavered): £555 including test fees - This intensive driving course is for people who have gained a decent driving experience but have not yet reached the standard required to pass.

25 hours (Pip's Special): £675 including test fees - This course is for those who have a minimal driving experience but feel competent with the basics.

30 hours (The Classic): £765 including test fees - For those confident learners with little driving experience.

40 hours (The Full Monty): £955 including test fees - This intensive course package is for those nervous beginners wanting to learn how to drive from the very beginning to end.

(Discount available on manual cars for NHS staff and students)

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